Our manufacturing facility is currently turning out some 100+ different types and sizes of prototypes every month, or 50,000 sq-ft of boards per month. Production ranges from single-sided to 42-layer PCBs. It’s definitely no-small feats for a fabricating services company like ours competing in a much too crowded PCB prototype industry the world has today. That’s because we’ve already proven our worth as a trusted manufacturer who can get the job done fast, Quality and satisfactorily with customer driven.


Type of PCB Proto We DO…

Product Samples

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3
Burn-in board Polvimide Arlon 35N/85N Rogers 3000/4000/5000/6000 Series Metal Core / Alu +FR4
Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6
Isola FR408/370HR 7 mm Thick Pro Card Flexible PCB
Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9
Rigid-Flux PCB Rigid-Flux PCB High Frequency-Antenna

Our Capability

HDI is one of the more complex board fabrication processes we specialize in. We use SBU technology, which allows sequential addition of more pairs of layers to form a multilayer core, to create this type of highly integrated PCB.
SBU is a multilayer technology that can be achieved by putting a dielectric element and a copper foil on both top and bottom of the core before it is submitted to laser drilling, image transferring, and etching processes. Multilayer PCBs designed through this technological procedure are marked by a sequence of numbers and Ns, (e.g., 1+N+1, 2+N+2, etc.), where N represents the number of layers that form the core and the numerical values represent the number of layers added.
At our facility in Taiwan, we have successfully created so far HDI-SBU with sequencing reaching Any-Layer Interstitial Via Hole (ALIVH) in HDI fabrication. We achieve this by applying a metallization technique to interconnect via holes (IVHs). This method not only offers stronger interconnection of stacked vias, but also achieves better thermal management, which significantly increases board reliability at severe circumstances.
We fabricate every piece of HDI SBUs in-house thanks to our complete range of advanced machines and equipment. Among the advanced equipment we own and operate include Laser Direct Imaging machines, which can provide reliable and repeatable 2/2 mils with the limited solder mask clearance of 1 mil. With such advanced equipment, we are also capable of fabricating probe cards, DUTs, and load boards for use in the semiconductors industry as well as burn-in boards of up to 50 layers on a 0.276-inch thick board with an aspect ratio of 20:1, metal core, and substrate PCBs containing 1.50 mils trace and space.

Laser drill machine        Mitsubishi 605GTX II
Laser via                           Stacked via/Stepped

structure                           via/Skipped via
Thinnest dielectric 2 mils
Thickest dielectric 4.5 mils
(for 6 mils via hole size)
Smallest trace width 2 mils
Smallest air gap 2 mils
Build Up 1+N+1
Smallest laser via pad Outer layer 7 mils
Inner layer 9 mils
Smallest via diameter Laser 3 mils


Quality Assurance Facility

Facility Details QTY
Screenshot_1 2-D Manual Projection Measuring Machine 1
Screenshot_2 Visual inspection: microscopes 1
Screenshot_3 Visual inspection: microscopes, cameras; monitors 3
Screenshot_4 CMI copper thickness measuring instrument 2
Screenshot_5 Impedance measuring instrument, TDR (Polar) 2
Screenshot_6 High-voltage electricity tester 1
Screenshot_7 UV-integrator instrument 1
Screenshot_8 Chemical analysis laboratory 1
Screenshot_9 Solder pot (Sn/Pb & Pb-free) 2
Screenshot_10 Omega 600 1
Screenshot_11 Marble table 2
Screenshot_12 Micro-section 2
Screenshot_13 AOI 2


Final Inspection Procedure

Details Compliance
In compliance with two major industry standards IPC-6011,
IPC SM-840.
Test & Inspection Visual inspection
Electrical test
Physical dimensions
Board thickness
Hole size & hole status
Tape test on gold plating and S/M
PTH copper thickness
Warpage check
Layer-to-layer registration
Solderability test
Impedance measurement
Other test/inspection services (per customer’s requirements)


Reliability Control Procedure

Screenshot_9 Thermal stress test: 288, 10 sec.
Screenshot_10 Ionic contamination test
Screenshot_9 Solderability test
Screenshot_1 Fly probe test
Screenshot_6 Hi-pot test
Screenshot_2 Impedance measurement

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