We are a professional Design and Development Company. We offer the best service at competitive cost for all your Design and PCB needs from Concept to Production. Our services include PCB design, PCB prototypes, mass production, assembly and testing.

Our Design, Software development and Software security teams are located in India at Bangalore and Hyderabad, to ensure competitive cost, prompt development and support.

Our PCB fabrication facilities are located in China at Shenzhen and Taiwan. We provide express service of prototypes, small volume, best quality and high precision PCB from 1L to 42L. Our PCBs are widely used in consumer field, home electronics fields, RF & communication fields, Medical, Aeronautical & Military application fields, etc.
Our customers are mainly from Australia, USA, Singapore, U.K, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

“Excellence derives from true Qualities.” We will continue our initiated development drive to produce more electronics product with high quality to satisfy customers.


Go Beyond
We strive to exceed the customer expectations to remain committed to a project from start to finish, we go above and beyond to make positive impact on everything we do.
Always Entrepreneurial
Being an entrepreneur means taking the initiative to find NEW and INNOVATIVE solutions to daily challenges. This proactive approach to problem solving requires us to effectively calibrate risk while still thinking creatively and strategically.
Our Team
Successful teamwork requires Listening, Sharing and an Open mind. Teamwork is achieved by leveraging individual strengths and overcoming differences to produce the optimal results. Cultivating trust and respect for each team member and maximizes productivity.

Our Offices

  • Roryx Technologies, Singapore.
  • Roryx Technologies, USA.
  • Roryx Technologies, India.

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